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HPR Belts

We combine the best of rubber belts technology, with a unique product management system while keeping the price as competitive as can be. From 400cc engines, to 1000+ cc engines.

Put simply, HPR means HorsePower Racing: these belts get the absolute most out of your machine without sacrificing reliability or endurance. 

In more technical terms our Movendis HPR belts use a Aramid loaded reinforced EPDM rubber with an Aramid fibre cord. The design of our cog shape guarantees peak performance, better heat control, controlled slip and better resistance to wear.

We do not manufacture “just another drive belt”: this is the best of technology, raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Why choose anything else than the best you can get, at the best price possible ? 

We do not claim to offer the better belt on the market, We guarantee that we can offer performance equivalent to any premium big name brand, by making sure that we offer you a product that features all of the best specifications, technologies and manufacturing processes. 

But we do it while also keeping in mind that in today’s world, the only way of making sure all profit, is by building strong relationships and trust, and this comes with offering the best price on the market. 

In other words: the best, at the best price. 

In order to make these guarantees and claims we need to be sure of what we are doing. 

We are true rubber belts specialist. 

During our over 20 years of experience in the field of industrial and automotive/moto/powersports rubber belts, we have searched high and low for the best way to product manage as both aftermarket suppliers and OEM. 

This is possible because we make sure our R&D department is always pursuing the next step in rubber belts technologies, because we work with trusted raw material suppliers, because we make sure everyone in our teams has technical knowledge of our products, and because we know the market and the needs of our partners.