We manufacture CVT belts for all the current belt driven CVT engines on the market. That means that whether you need an All Terrain Vehicle, Scooter, or CVT car transmission belt, we can manufacture it.

What is a CVT Engine ?

In order to ensure that our product is the best quality possible, the first step is to perfectly understand how the engine that our belt will be used to transmit power for works.

​In simple terms: a CVT is an automatic transmission system that uses two sets of two steel pulleys, with a bearing running inbetween them to continously vary its gear ratio.

It accomplishes this by variying the diameter of the “drive pulley” (on the engine side) and of the “driven pulley” (at the wheels). This allows it to tranfer the torque from the engine, to the wheels in a continous and smooth fashion. Therefore: the speed can be increased as long as the engine has power and torque.

Designing a CVT Belt

With this in mind, in order to design an effective and reliable CVT belt multiple components need to be taken into account.

​That is why when designing out belts we have done rigourous test to ensure that they offer the best high lateral stiffness and longitudinal flexibility possible. We also made sure that our belts have very good elongation resistance, in order to transfer maximum torque from the drive pulleys to the driven pulleys.
Finnaly, the belt being the main power transmission, it needs to have great wear resistance, which is insured by our choice of materials for both the rubber types used as well as the cords and the fabrics that hold the belt together.