About our manufacturing processes: making the edge of our belts. 

About our manufacturing processes: making the edge of our belts. 

We offer two different kinds of finish for our belts: grinded or cut. 

Although they aim to achieve the same result: shaping the belt, monitoring width, and giving the sidewalls their angle, they achieve this with two very different processes and make the belts take on a very different appearance. 

The grinding method uses a set of very fine grinding wheels that contact the belt whilst it is still without angles and grinds away by removing material little by little. This leaves our belts with a white edge look due to the high amount of aramid fibers, and the rubber being displaced. It also gives the belts a velvet like texture on the outside. This process requires different sets of grinding wheels for each angle but is much more efficient and faster!

Side profile of a grinded CVT Drive Belt

Cutting on the other hand using spinning knife wheels that will remove a whole part of the belt at once. This is the OE specification for most applications. The finish is a smoother surface rubber. This finish allows for better protection of the aramid fibers inside of the EPDM, but it is more costly and takes longer to manufacture; although you can easily change the angle needed. 

Overall, the ability to offer both grinded and cut belts allows us to better suit our prices, performance and delivery times depending on the needs of our partners. 

You can order all our CVT belts with either option, don’t hesitate to go look at our catalog to check the availability of your needed application!