New Polaris RZR Pro R Belt

New Polaris RZR Pro R Belt

New belt highlight: Polaris RZR Pro R

Movendis Proudly presents the HPR 4381220-28: a Polaris RZR Pro R drive belt. 

Powered by a 4-cylinder 2.0 Liter 225hp engine, the RZR Pro R is a new step in the powersport world, offering the most power out of any ATV/UTV engine ever before. You can read more about it on the Polaris website.

Of course, such a powerful engine comes with challenges when it comes to CVT power transmission. As a matter of fact, as of writing this post, no real aftermarket option exists for this drive belt. Movendis is therefore very proud and excited to present this addition to our lineup! 

The HPR 4381220-28 is available right now for order. It is also available with carbon cord under the name HPR 12381220-28