HP 222866-28

Bando Cross Ref: S18-002
CC Range: 150cc-300cc
Rubber: EPDM
Aramid Load: Medium
Cord: Aramid

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Our HP line of CVT Drive Belts was designed to offer more for your machine.

Movendis HP Belts are manufactured with high end Aramid reinforced EPDM. They also come with an Aramid cord, fixed to the belt with our propiatary EPDM “Cushion” rubber.

This technology combats failure points like delamination and torsion of the belt, offering, on average a 17% increase in strength and durability when compared to the OE belt.

Tested both in lab and in real world conditions, we made sure that our belts offer the very best feeling possible, with maximum power transmission from your engine to the wheels.


Top width: 0,79 in  –  22,00 mm

OC: 34,09 in   –   866 mm

Angle: 28°

Top cog: NO

OEM: 23100-SA1-0000

Unit Types: Scooter

Make Model Year
Daelim NS I 125 1998
Daelim NS II OTELLO 125 1999 - 2006
Daelim NS III OTELLO 125 2000 - 2005
Daelim SL HISTORY 125 2001 - 2016
Daelim SL S1 OTELLO FI 125 2007 - 2011
Daelim SQ S2 FREEWING 125 1997 - 2016
Daelim SQ S2 FREEWING FI 125 2009 - 2011