HPC 514933-28

EP Cour cross reference: EP COUR056
CC Range: N/A
Rubber: EPDM
Aramid Load: High
Cord: Aramid

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Movendis HPC belts are specifically designed to power “Mini Cars”

Just like our other high end CVT Drive Belts, they are manufactured with high end Aramid reinforced EPDM. They also come with an Aramid cord, fixed to the belt with our propiatary EPDM “Cushion” rubber.

The middle machined slot combined with our engineered Cog Shape ensures better heat disipation and flexibility, enabaling better horsepower transmission and durability.

This technology combats failure points like delamination and torsion of the belt, and we are proud to be able to offer better than OE performance throughout the whole lineup.

Tested both in lab and in real world conditions, we made sure that our belts offer the very best feeling possible, with maximum power transmission from your engine to the wheels.


Thickness:  0,55in  –   14mm

La: 36,73 in  –  933cm

Angle: 28°

Top cog: NO

CVTech: BD52-2183-S

Unit Types: Mini Car

Make Model Year
Casalini M20 with DCI engine
Ligier JSRC with Lombardini Progress /DCI engine
Ligier X-Too Max with Lombardini Progress engine
Microcar F8C with Lombardini Progress /DCI engine
Microcar M.Cross Lombardini Progress
Microcar M8 with Lombardini Progress /DCI engine
Microcar MGO 1 with Lombardini Progress /DCI engine
Microcar MGO 2 with Lombardini Progress /DCI engine